Die wichtigsten Fragen rund um Icon

Has Icon been proven effective? Can it really stop lesions effectively?

Icon and caries infiltration treatment have been the subject of numerous international studies which have yielded highly positive results.

Studies carried out at prestigious universities confirm the effectiveness of the principle of caries infiltration. Independent studies have been conducted since 2000.

Although Icon has only been available to Dentists since April 2009, the practical application of the product has been tested on patients in clinical studies for over two years. The effectiveness of the product has been confirmed over this period. The results also lead us to draw positive conclusions about Icon's ability to halt caries progression long-term.

The tests were carried out in several countries. For example, studies were conducted in Greenland and Colombia.

Due to the particularly high rates of caries in the populations where the tests were performed, it can be deduced that Icon will work particularly well in countries with good oral hygiene standards (e.g. the UK).

The results of these studies show that by using Icon the progression of early caries can be halted for many years.

Which applications is Icon suitable for?

Icon can be used to treat early caries both between teeth as well as on the »smooth surfaces« - without drilling. For this, the dentist has a choice of two treatment kits: »approximal« (for use between teeth) and »vestibular« (for use on smooth surfaces)

Does Icon treatment replace drilling?

Icon cannot be used in cases of advanced caries progression. This applies in particular where caries presents itself in the form of a distinct hole in the tooth. In this case, traditional filling with a drill would be required.

The treatment method for »caries infiltration« with Icon works during the initial stages of caries. If caries is therefore detected at an early stage, which requires regular check ups, it can be treated using Icon without drilling.

Icon is suitable when X-ray findings show mild caries progression; previously there has not been an appropriate treatment for this. Your Dentist will be able to discuss the exact need for it with you.

An Icon based therapy can intervene where in the past Dentists have lacked a suitable treatment method and could only look on helplessly as caries continued to deteriorate until a filling was required. Icon can therefore postpone the need for filling by many years.

Is Icon a product that can be used in any Dental Practice? Can I request it from my Dentist?

Icon has been on the market since April 2009. Many Dentists already work with it, and Icon is already used in Practices throughout Germany.

However, as not all Practices currently purchase the product, it is advisable to ask your Dentist about the caries infiltration method with Icon.

Is the Icon treatment painful?

Icon allows initial caries to be treated without pain. No drilling, no anaesthetic injection.

To apply Icon between teeth, the teeth only need to be separated slightly with a wedge. Patients treated with the system have described this as gentle pressure.

Icon has been used on children and teenagers in clinical trials. The trial participants did not report any pain.

Is Icon the same as a traditional filling?

Icon is not the same as a traditional filling, as traditional fillings require prior drilling and mean that healthy tooth tissue has to be removed.

The new caries infiltration method with Icon means that healthy tooth tissue can be preserved.

  • Early caries can be treated with Icon without having to drill.
  • This increases the life expectancy of the tooth.
  • The gentle treatment can be done in a single sitting.